Our Story


Our name, Rhinegeist, translates to "Ghost of the Rhine" and refers to our place in the historic Over-the-Rhine Brewery District in Cincinnati. Built within the skeleton of the old Moerlein bottling plant (1895), we brew batches of beer that sing with flavor.


Our building’s story goes all the way back to 1895. At the turn of the 19th century, Over-the-Rhine was home to nearly 45,000 inhabitants—most of them of German descent—and 38 breweries. Leading this vibrant brewing scene was Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, the city’s largest brewery which extended over three entire city blocks and produced over 300,000 bbl annually. The company’s old bottling plant, located at 1910 Elm Street, is home to our modern-day brewery. While Moerlein’s operation would thrive for years, Prohibition in the 1920’s would deal a fatal blow and bring an end to the company. As a result, the former bottling plant would lie dormant for several subsequent decades...

Enter Bob Bonder into the story. A recovering consultant, Bob moved out to Cincinnati in 2007 to build out the Tazza Mia coffee business. Having spent years refining his palate with coffee cuppings and wine tastings, he began flirting with the idea of building his own brewery. But where to start? Knowing this would not be a one-man job, Bob ventured out to build the perfect team. First on his list was Bryant Goulding, a silver-tongued dreamer who had spent the past few years selling beer on the West Coast for the Anderson Valley, Dogfish Head and Golden Road breweries. When first presented with the idea, Bryant thought Bob had gone crazy. Why would he leave a bustling craft beer scene and easygoing West Coast lifestyle for Cincinnati, a city that had never crossed his mind? Nevertheless, Bryant gave Bob’s idea a chance and visited the space he had been raving about. Long story short, Bryant stepped into 1910 Elm Street and was immediately sold. Where some might have simply seen an empty and defunct warehouse, Bryant saw a lifeless brewery itching to start pumping out some hoppy IPAs. 

An unrivaled passion for tasty brews is unfortunately not enough to build a brewery, so Bob and Bryant turned to find a brewer. Their search ultimately pointed them to Jim Matt, a brewing guru who also happened to have 20 years of chemistry experience and Luke Cole who had been roasting coffee and brewing at Rock Bottom's downtown Cincinnati brewpub. During his time at Sun King brewery, Jim had grown an appreciation for dry, hoppy, West Coast styled IPAs, making him a perfect fit for the project Bob and Bryant had in mind. Luke's background in mechanical engineering made him the perfect fit for rebuilding the twenty plus year old brewhouse they bought for pennies on the dollar in Mexico. With a business-minded leader, a marketing and sales visionary, and a brewing pundit now onboard, the team was close to turning a mere dream into a reality. They now had the power to brew and sell the beer, but the question remained as to how it would be distributed. The last piece of the puzzle was Dennis Kramer-Wine, a keg-lifting, route-building, beard-growing man of action who would form the foundation for our self-distribution model. These five minds came together and in June 2013 Rhinegeist brewed its first batch of beer.


Our Values

We believe in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas, and build a community that values craft beer and one another. Rhinegeist means "Ghost of the Rhine," and refers to our place here in the historic Brewery District in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. Within these unique and historic walls, we brew batches of beer that sing with flavor and delight us. The yin/yang of our brewing philosophy is hoppy/sessionable and we aim to brew beers where "the first sip calls for the third."

We self-distribute our beer in Columbus and Cincinnati, which means each beer you drink in a bar or at a restaurant in those cities, is poured directly from a keg that we delivered cold in our refrigerated vans (keep your eyes peeled for them around town). Fresh beer is tasty beer, and that’s our favorite kind.


Our Team

We're a small team with big dreams and we tend to smile while we sweat. We brew those styles which are most compelling to our thirst and we certainly hope you enjoy our brews as much as we do.