Welcome to the Outer Reaches

Since our inception in 2013, we knew we wanted to brew sours. Executing a world-class sour, however, requires a different toolkit and mentality than a "clean" beer program — in other words, it takes a lot of time. We dedicated a sizable amount of area and equipment to the experimentation, fermentation, and maturation of tart and funky beers, hard work that has reaped delicious rewards. After 4+ years, we are excited to introduce Outer Reaches Sour Ales, our wild and funky family of Brett Culture, Mixed Culture, and Fruited/Cuvée sours.

Three Tiers

Our Outer Reaches Sour Ales program will have three tiers, each of which will explore the wide variety of flavors and aromas present in sour beers. Brettanomyces fermentation (Tier 1) will highlight fruity and funky characteristics; Mixed Culture fermentation (Tier 2) will showcase nuances caused by acid-producing bacteria (e.g. Lactobacillus & Pediococcus) and wood-aging; Fruited/Cuvée sours (Tier 3) will celebrate extensively aged beers and the lush depths that traditional and non-traditional fruit sugars and esters lend to mixed culture beers.


Try Them

Dark Matter, our third Outer Reaches Sour Ale and our first Mixed Culture & Aged offering, will be released on Friday, June 22nd, at 3pm in the Rhinegeist taproom. A Sour Dark Ale, this brew is our Belgian Style Dark Ale Mastodon aged with Roeselare for 30 months in an oak foeder. The resulting liquid is mildly roasty and tart, booming with strong aromas of red wine, sherry & port. Dark Matter will be available in 500ml bottles in extremely limited quantities in our taproom only.

Infinite Dawn, our first Outer Reaches Sour Ale, was released in April; Metaphysical Mango, our second Outer Reaches Sour Ale was released in May.

For a deeper dive into our sours story, check out our blog feature.

For a first taste of Dark Matter, snag a spot in our Sour & Funk VIP Tasting Tour on Friday, June 22nd, at 6pm.

For further information on our sour program, check out the full Outer Reaches Sour Ales press release.